The Boston marathon bombings and TransitTimes+

During the recent events in Boston following the marathon bombings, the MBTA shut down their entire network for a period on April 19 and 20.

For users of TransitTimes+, this meant they were automatically notified using the service alert push notification system on their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Orange line push notification

Any TransitTimes+ user with notifications enabled and a favorite trip or live tracker for the Orange Line received this notification (similarly, there were alerts for users of other routes also).

Enabling push notifications in TransitTimes+

Internally, we have a server that monitors all transit agencies for service updates. By checking these servers every 10 minutes, the system knows very quickly when there’s an update available.

Next we match each alert to routes for the respective agency. In this instance we were able to match “Orange Line” text. This alert was then added to the list of active notifications for Boston, and the alert was added to the push notification queue.

Every 10-15 minutes we process the list of pending notifications to be sent out. In this example, the system searches our database (containing only anonymous user data such as route or stop codes) for users of the orange line.

The user then gets notified and they can view more details about the alert within TransitTimes+. Additionally, when using the app, a service alert overlay is also shown to let users know their service may be affected.

Service alert overlay

Once the suspect was apprehended, the MBTA resumed limited service. The TransitTimes+ alerts system detected this update and notified users accordingly.

Service resumed notification

Real-time Sydney Train Data Comes to TransitTimes+

The NSW Minister for Transport, Gladys Berejiklian, today announced that real-time Sydney train information is available exclusively in a number of mobile phone applications.

One of those apps is TransitTimes+! The new 7.0 update for TransitTimes+ include real-time train and bus positions for Sydney, as well as up-to-date service alert information for the CityRail and Sydney Buses network.

Real-Time Tracking of Airport Line

As the only Adelaide-based developer involved in the process, I’ve travelled to Sydney a number of times recently to first pitch at their “App Hot House”, then to work with the team at RailCorp on implementing the real-time solution.

Service Alert for Central Station

RailCorp actively engaged the 6 development teams to improve the real-time data offered, including GPS positions of trains and notifications when there’s delayed services or elevator outages.

For any additional information or to request an interview, please contact Quentin Zervaas ([email protected])

UniSA Mobile Development Course

Last night I was able to speak about TransitTimes to a University of South Australia class on  Mobile Application Development class.

I shared some of my experiences in managing large amounts of real-time data, service alert data, and static GTFS data.

About TransitTimes Slide

Thanks to Philip Lock for the invite.

Speaking at MoMo Adelaide

Last night I spoke at MoMo Adelaide (Mobile Monday), a user group for mobile phone developers and users. Was really interesting to be able to share some of my experiences developing TransitTimes, from managing large amounts of open data, to using Amazon web services to distribute it all!Timetable update workflow

It’s a really good gathering each month and if you’re into any kind of mobile app development I’d recommend you get there!