Real-time Sydney Train Data Comes to TransitTimes+

The NSW Minister for Transport, Gladys Berejiklian, today announced that real-time Sydney train information is available exclusively in a number of mobile phone applications.

One of those apps is TransitTimes+! The new 7.0 update for TransitTimes+ include real-time train and bus positions for Sydney, as well as up-to-date service alert information for the CityRail and Sydney Buses network.

Real-Time Tracking of Airport Line

As the only Adelaide-based developer involved in the process, I‚Äôve travelled to Sydney a number of times recently to first pitch at their “App Hot House”, then to work with the team at RailCorp on implementing the real-time solution.

Service Alert for Central Station

RailCorp actively engaged the 6 development teams to improve the real-time data offered, including GPS positions of trains and notifications when there’s delayed services or elevator outages.

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