31. Bridgeville

Bridgeville Bus Port Authority of Allegheny County Bus
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2835. Penn Ave At 9th St
2932. Penn Ave At 7th St
4353. Penn Ave At Cecil Pl
4126. Liberty Ave At Wyndham Grand Hotel
2309. W Carson St Opp Duquesne Incline
2310. W Carson St At Gateway View Plaza
2311. W Carson St At Gateway View Plaza Steps
19237. S Main St At Sanctus
4491. S Main St At Wabash
4492. Noblestown Rd At #30
4493. Noblestown Rd At Weaver Fs
4495. Noblestown Rd At Obey
4497. Noblestown Rd Opp Hartwell
19682. Noblestown Rd Opp Bartow
5461. Noblestown Rd At Crafton Fs
5462. Noblestown Rd At Bartow
5463. Noblestown Rd Opp Denisonview
5464. Noblestown Rd At Harris Fs
5465. Noblestown Rd At #2094
5466. Noblestown Rd At #2128
5467. Noblestown Rd At Fire Station (#2200)
5468. Noblestown Rd At #2212
5469. Noblestown Rd At Poplar
5470. Noblestown Rd At Noble Manor (Rite Aid)
5471. Noblestown Rd At Baldwick
5472. Noblestown Rd At #2520
5524. Noblestown Rd Opp Holiday Dr
5525. Noblestown Rd Opp Pace
5526. Noblestown Rd At Durbin
5528. Noblestown Rd At Morange
5529. Noblestown Rd At St Paul's Seminary
5530. Noblestown Rd Opp #2793
5480. Noblestown Rd Opp Hawthorne
5481. Noblestown Rd Opp #640
5482. Noblestown Rd Opp #604
5483. Noblestown Rd At Alter
5484. Noblestown Rd At Duncan Fs
5485. Noblestown Rd At Idlewood
4527. Main St At Jane
4528. Main St At Chestnut
19241. Washington Ave At Main Fs
5321. Washington Ave Opp Academy
5322. Washington Ave At Trimble
19242. Washington Ave Opp Lincoln Fs
4046. Washington Ave At Capitol Fs
4047. Washington Ave Opp Franklin
19243. Washington Ave At Marshall Fs
4049. Washington Ave At Hope
4050. Washington Ave At Carothers
5325. Railroad St At 1st Fs
5326. Railroad St Opp 2nd
5327. Railroad St Opp 3rd
19245. Railroad St At 4th Fs
5329. Railroad St At Collier
5330. Washington Pike At Raceway Plaza
19246. Washington Pike At Thoms Run Rd
5490. Washington Pike At Steen
5491. Washington Pike At Winstein
5493. Washington Pike Opp Vanadium
5494. Washington Pike At Great Southern Sc Ent #1
5495. Washington Pike At Great Southern Sc Ent #2
5497. Washington Pike Opp Mayer
5498. Washington Pike At Chartiers Valley Sc
5499. Washington Ave At Prestley
5500. Washington Ave At Murray
19247. Washington Ave At Station
5502. Washington Ave Opp James Fs (Post Office)
20661. South Fayette Park And Ride
5387. Washington Ave At James
19765. Washington Ave At Station Ns
5389. Washington Ave Opp Murray
5390. Washington Pike At Schulte
5391. Washington Pike At Anderson Equipment
5392. Washington Pike At Mayer
5393. Washington Pike At Pizza Hut
5394. Washington Pike Opp Great Southern Shpg Ctr
5395. Washington Pike At Beram Fs
5396. Washington Pike At Vanadium
5398. Washington Pike Opp Winstein
5399. Washington Pike Opp Steen
5401. Washington Pike Opp #1375
19716. Washington Pike Opp Thoms Run Rd (Woodville Pnr)
5403. Raceway Firelane At Shop N Save
5278. Railroad St At Collier
5279. Railroad St At 4th
5280. Railroad St At 3rd
5281. Railroad St At 2nd
5282. Railroad St At 1st
5283. Washington Ave At Hope Hollow Fs
3905. Washington Ave At Hope
3906. Washington Ave Opp Marshall
3907. Washington Ave At Franklin
3909. Washington Ave At Lincoln
5285. Washington Ave At Trimble
5286. Washington Ave At Academy
5405. Washington Ave At Main
5406. Main St At Chestnut
4412. Main St Opp Jane
5407. Noblestown Rd Opp Idlewood
5408. Noblestown Rd At Duncan
5409. Noblestown Rd Opp Alter
5410. Noblestown Rd At #604 (Steps)
5411. Noblestown Rd At #640
5412. Noblestown Rd At Hawthorne
5413. Noblestown Rd At Mansfield Fs
5414. Noblestown Rd At #2793
5415. Noblestown Rd Opp St Paul's Seminary
5416. Noblestown Rd At Brenford
5418. Noblestown Rd Opp Durbin
5419. Noblestown Rd At Holiday Dr
5420. Noblestown Rd At School
5421. Noblestown Rd Opp Noble Manor (Cogos)
5422. Noblestown Rd At Poplar
5423. Noblestown Rd Opp #2212
5424. Noblestown Rd Opp #2148 (Shop-N-Save Dr #1)
5425. Noblestown Rd Opp #2120 (Shop-N-Save Dr #2)
5427. Noblestown Rd At Colescott
5428. Noblestown Rd At Denisonview
5429. Noblestown Rd At Bartow
5430. Noblestown Rd Opp Crafton
4444. Noblestown Rd At Hartwell
4445. Noblestown Rd Opp Obey
4447. Noblestown Rd Opp #608
4448. Noblestown Rd At #29
4449. S Main St At Wabash
4450. S Main St At Sanctus
2258. W Carson St Opp Gateway View Plaza
2260. W Carson St At Duquesne Incline
4937. Liberty Ave At Gateway #4
45. Liberty Ave At Market St
8778. Liberty Ave At 6th Ave
15283. Liberty Ave Opp 9th St
1403. Liberty Ave At Smithfield St
2834. Penn Ave At Garrison Pl Ns (#933)
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