516. Murdoch - Willetton

Murdoch - Willetton
via Leeming
Bus Transperth Bus
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11199. Burrendah Bvd - Southlands Shopping Ctr
20023. Pinetree Gully Rd Before Agincourt Dr
20024. Pinetree Gully Rd After Bernera Dr
20026. Pinetree Gully Rd Before Jasmine Loop
26376. Pinetree Gully Rd After Chancery Cr
26390. South St After Pinetree Gully Rd
20406. Beasley Rd After Merrifield Cir
20408. Beasley Rd Before Wishaw Gr
20404. Mcguiness Dr Before Harrington Cr
20405. Mcguiness Dr After Harrington Cr
20010. Gracechurch Cr Before Radnor St
20011. Gracechurch Cr Before Wethered St
11185. Karel Av After Gracechurch Cr
11186. Karel Av After Beasley Rd
11187. Karel Av After Terry Rd
20390. Farrington Rd Before Grover Ct
20391. Farrington Rd After Grover Ct
26039. Casserly Dr Before Barcombe Wy
26040. Casserly Dr After Rosemont Pl
26041. Casserly Dr After Greencroft Gdns
26043. Casserly Dr Before Sierra Ch
26044. Casserly Dr After Shemmels Ct
26045. Farrington Rd Before Aulberry Pde
20394. Farrington Rd Before Findlay Rd
19994. Findlay Rd Before Ashby Ct
19995. Findlay Rd Before Bagot Ct
19996. Findlay Rd After Bagot Ct
19997. Findlay Rd Before Gladstone Rd
19998. Findlay Rd Before Clemros Wy
19999. Findlay Rd After Collett Wy
10534. South St Before Calley Dr
10535. South St After Calley Dr
23712. Murdoch Stn Stand 6
23717. Murdoch Stn Stand 11
10498. South St After Kwinana Fwy
10499. South St After Calley Dr
19988. Findlay Rd Before Collett Wy
19989. Findlay Rd Before Westall Tce
19990. Findlay Rd Before Keys Ct
20001. Ramsdale Loop Before Grady Cl
19991. Findlay Rd After Aulberry Pde
19992. Findlay Rd After Westminster Rd
19993. Findlay Rd After Ashby Ct
20392. Farrington Rd After Findlay Rd
20393. Farrington Rd Before Casserly Dr
20397. Casserly Dr Before Shemels Ct
20398. Casserly Dr After Sierra Ch
20399. Casserly Dr Before Sylvan Cr
20400. Casserly Dr After Wildwood Hts
20401. Casserly Dr Before Barra Cl
20395. Farrington Rd Before Logan Rd
20396. Farrington Rd After Logan Rd
11188. Karel Av After Farrington Rd
26607. Karel Av After Orion Rd
26605. Karel Av Before Marriott Rd
20916. Eagle Dr Before Wessex Rd
20915. Eagle Dr After Wessex Rd
20911. Karel Av After Eagle Dr
26604. Karel Av After Marriott Rd
26606. Karel Av Before Orion Rd
11176. Karel Av Before Farrington Rd
11177. Karel Av Before Terry Rd
11178. Karel Av After Westminster Rd
20008. Gracechurch Cr Before Winchester Wy
20009. Gracechurch Cr Before Hicks St
20402. Mcguiness Dr After Gracechurch Cr
20403. Mcguiness Dr Before Timbrell Wy
20409. Beasley Rd After Wishaw Gr
23773. Beasley Rd Before Merrifield Cir
10528. South St After Beasley Rd
10529. South St After Darian Dr
20012. Pinetree Gully Rd Before Chancery Cr
23904. Pinetree Gully Rd Before Kingsford Dr
20013. Pinetree Gully Rd After Nebo Cl
20014. Pinetree Gully Rd After Agincourt Dr
11207. Burrendah Bvd - Southlands Shopping Ctr
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